Scam of The Week

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Scam of The Week

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The Copyright Violation Scam

Scams are ever present, and always changing. In a recent phishing scam, the scammers told users they had violated copyright laws and would have to take immediate action to protect their account. The claim the scammers used was that content shared on a social media app or website (Instagram, YouTube, etc) violated copyright law. 

Local Scam Alert

Be on the lookout for a scam that is making the rounds locally right now! Scammers are calling people in our area, pretending to be from Apple or other well-known companies. The phone number they use is often spoofed so that it appears to be the real deal on caller ID.

Post-Holiday Season Scams

With the Holiday season behind us, you might think that scammers are winding down their activity. Instead, they are as active as ever! Scammers are using the post-holiday season to pose as well-known retailers.


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