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Find The Square Root of Verizon
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Find The Square Root of Verizon

In another recent scam, cybercriminals pretended to be the telecommunications provider, Verizon. The logo for Verizon is the company name, followed by a red asymmetrical “V” that resembles a check mark. This logo was faked by the cybercriminals, by using mathematical symbols, such as the square root symbol (√).

Cybercriminals used this fake logo to send out a phishing email that was disguised as a Verizon voicemail notification. This phishing email asks you to click the ‘play’ button to listen to your voicemail. Once you click the button, you are re-directed to a fake look-alike Verizon webpage. At this fake website, you will be asked to enter your login information for Microsoft Office 365 account for ‘authentication’. However, if you do this, what you are actually doing is providing the cybercriminals complete access to your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Keep these tips in mind to keep yourself safe from similar scams:

  • This attack isn’t exclusive to Verizon. Cybercriminals could easily use this technique for other brands. Always think before you click.
  • Be on the lookout for anything unusual. A Verizon webpage asking you to login to your Microsoft Office 365 account should throw up a red flag right away.
  • Anytime you receive an unexpected notification your safest bet is to go directly to the provider website in a new web browser. You can then log in to your account knowing that you are on a legitimate website and not a look-alike scammer website.
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