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Overdraft Solutions

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege is a discretionary service designed to help prevent your insufficient funds items from being returned or declined. With Overdraft Privilege, we have the option to cover your overdrafts up to your Overdraft Privilege limit (including fees) if you inadvertently overdraw your account. This can save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned or declined item, along with the fees normally charged by merchants for items returned to them.

Lake-Osceola State Bank may provide you a specific Overdraft Privilege limit depending on the type of account you have. You will receive a letter approximately 30 days after account opening, for consumer accounts, or after 60 days for business accounts, informing you that Overdraft Privilege has been activated on your account. You do not have Overdraft Privilege until you receive this notification.

Please be aware that the Overdraft Privilege amount is not shown in your available balance, is not a line of credit and does not replace existing overdraft options such as drawing funds from another account, known as Overdraft Protection, which may be less expensive alternatives to Overdraft Privilege.

For more information please download the opt-in .PDF file below.

LOSB Overdraft Privilege Opt-In Form
Overdraft Coverage Options

Overdraft Protection

Lake-Osceola State Bank has two protection options available to their customers. Overdraft Protection is designed to initiate in the event of an overdraft, protecting the customer from overdraft fees.

Savings Overdraft Protection will automatically draw available funds from a predetermined account of your choosing to cover your overdrawn balance before overdraft fees are assessed to your account. A small $2 transfer fee will be applied on the day that this service is utilized.

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Line Of Credit Overdraft Protection will automatically borrow funds from a Line of Credit you have established with one of our loan officers. You make payments to your Line of Credit on your due date and will pay accrued interest as needed.

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