Christmas Club

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Christmas Club

Prepare for the holidays early this year! Sign up for a Christmas Club account and see how easy it is to budget for December year-round. Our Christmas Club Accounts earn a higher rate of interest than a Statement Savings.

An LOSB Christmas Club account lets you save specifically for the holidays. Spread out modest set-asides as you go along and you'll receive a check by November 1st for the balance you've accrued over the year. It's like a Christmas bonus — two months early.


  • Minimum $5 deposit to open
  • Don't let the holidays sneak up on you
  • Save year-round to prepare for holiday expenses
  • Keep separate from regular savings
  • We will mail you a check or direct deposit to your LOSB account by Nov 1st in time for the Christmas Holiday
  • Penalty for withdrawal prior to annual disbursement
  • Convenient online banking
  • Free 24-hour voice response account information

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