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Scam of The Week

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Smishing for Bank Information

 Be aware of the latest Scam of the Week involving a fraudulent scheme aimed at stealing sensitive bank information known as smishing. Cybercriminals have recently orchestrated a series of attacks utilizing smishing, which entails phishing attempts conducted through SMS messaging.

AI Phishbait

AI (artificial intelligence) has and will continue to become increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. People have begun exploring and using popular AI chatbots like ChatGPT or Google Bard.

Are Password Managers Secure?

Written by: Shane Daniel, SVP Information Security Consultant/Regional Director & Terry Kuxhaus, Senior Information Security Consultant -- SBS CyberSecurity

The recent LastPass breach reminds us there is no way to stay 100% safe online and highlights some of the risks associated with using a central vault to store passwords and other secrets. However, password managers (PMs) remain the most secure way to protect passwords, even though they are not perfect.


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