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Scam of The Week

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Disney+ Phishing Scam

Callback phishing involves a deceptive tactic where phishing emails prompt individuals to call a specified number instead of clicking on a link. These emails typically masquerade as false notifications, urging recipients to rectify an apparent error by placing a call. A recent instance mimicking Disney+, a popular streaming service, exemplifies this strategy.

Scams Related to Israel-Hamas War

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has garnered global attention, and, as is customary, cybercriminals have swiftly exploited the distressing news for their own purposes. These perpetrators commonly employ high-profile news events to fuel disinformation campaigns, disseminating false information with the intent to deliberately mislead the public.

Inactive Account Scams

Google recently made an announcement regarding revisions to its policies pertaining to inactive accounts. Commencing from December 2023, accounts that remain dormant for a duration of two or more years will undergo deletion.


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