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New Ransomware Targets Android Devices
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New Ransomware Targets Android Devices

Android users beware – there’s a new type of ransomware disguising itself as pornographic or tech-related apps, and using text messaging to spread itself to other users. Once you download the malicious app, it scans and encrypts the files on your device, preventing you from accessing them. You’ll then be directed to pay a ransom in the form of Bitcoin in order to decrypt your files and regain access to them. Once the ransom is paid – usually from $90-$200 – the hackers send a private key to you so that you can decrypt your files. Even worse, once your device is infected, the ransomware sends text messages to your contacts with a link to the malicious app, so that your friends and family will download the malware too. Sometimes the link is masked using a link, to make it look more harmless.

So how do you stay safe and prevent this kind of attack? It’s actually very simple – don’t download any third party apps. Stick with apps that come from Google Play Store, and don’t click on any links sent via text message that tell you that your photos are being used in an app.

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