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Watch Out for Tech Support Scams
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Watch Out for Tech Support Scams

Nowadays, most internet users know they need to be on high alert for viruses and scams. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals try use that heightened awareness against users with Tech Support Scams. The attack goes like this: First you get a very realistic pop-up telling you that “Your system might be infected” and encouraging you to click a button to do a quick virus scan. Clicking the button sets off a fake system scan that looks very much like a real antivirus software’s system scan. When the “scan” is done, a window pops up and to warn you that your system really is infected, and that you’ll need to download and install an update to your antivirus software to remove the infection. The update is actually malware that scammers are trying to trick you into installing – don’t do it!

To avoid this scam, and others like it, consider the following:

  • Never trust internet pop-ups. Scammers will often use scare tactics, like virus warnings, to get you to download software or call their “tech support”
  • Download antivirus software for your computer and all your devices – including your phone! Look for trusted names like Avast, Bitdefender, McAfee, and Norton, and remember to keep them updated
  • If you think your computer or device is infected, go to a reputable computer repair company or knowledgeable friend/family member for assistance – never trust an unknown “remote technician”
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