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Watch out for "Love You" Malware
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Watch out for "Love You" Malware

The bad guys always use holidays to their advantage, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. They’re now sending malware to your inbox with love.

Cybercriminals are sending Valentine-themed spam emails containing malicious attachments. They’re attempting to trick you and steal your attention with subject lines like: “My love letter for you” and “Always thinking about you”.

Within the email, they’ve included a zipped file that has a title beginning with “Love_you_” and when you open or double click on the file, multiple types of malware will be downloaded to your system.

Remember the following to avoid falling victim to these types of scams:

  • Check the sender of the email. Even if it is coming from someone you know, their email address could be spoofed.
  • Before opening any attachments that appear to be coming from someone you know, give that person a phone call and make sure they intended to share it with you.
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