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QuickBooks Scammers Trying to Make a Quick Buck
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QuickBooks Scammers Trying to Make a Quick Buck

QuickBooks is an exceptionally popular accounting software piece that offers free accounts to its users. Due to its popularity, QuickBooks has become another way for cybercriminals to scam users. Many individuals and organizations use QuickBooks to track their finances, cybercriminals use it to run a “business” of their own. These scammers create a free QuickBooks account and use the associated email address to send you malicious emails.

The email will be a phishing attempt, made to look like a company you know and trust. The email will include an invoice and a phone number to call if the “invoice looks suspicious”. If you make the call, you will be asked to provide your credit card information to confirm that the transaction is fake. At this point, if you provide your credit card information to the person on the other end of the line, you have just been scammed.

To protect yourself from this harmful scam, read the tips below:

  • Never call a phone number in a suspicious email. Go to an organization’s official website directly to find their contact information.
  • If someone is prompting you to confirm your payment information that they have on file, turn the question around and ask THEM what information, they have on file. If they actually had your valid information on file, they can provide it to you.
  • Always, think before you click!
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