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Post-Holiday Season Scams
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Post-Holiday Season Scams

With the Holiday season behind us, you might think that scammers are winding down their activity. Instead, they are as active as ever! Scammers are using the post-holiday season to pose as well-known retailers. They're sending out devious emails and texts that try to convince you that your holiday purchases have earned you reward points. According to the messages, you need to claim these points before they expire.

The scams look legitimate because they use the logos and company colors of popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and others. Don’t fall for their scams, though! Clicking the phishing links in the message can send you to websites that automatically download malware to your computer or phone. The malware gives the bad guys access to your device and any personal information stored on it.

Remember: Never click on a link from an email or text that you were not expecting. If you do get an email from a retailer that you shop at, log into your account by opening a new browser window and type their website address yourself. 

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