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Instagram Copyright Infringement Scam
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Instagram Copyright Infringement Scam

Phishers are scamming Instagram users with fake copyright infringement warnings that trick people into giving up their Instagram login credentials. The fake emails appear to come from Instagram and warn users that their accounts have been hit with a copyright infringement notice. Recipients are told that their Instagram accounts will be suspended unless they click a link to file an objection. Of course that link doesn’t really go to Instagram, but to a phony phishing site that imitates Instagram’s page.

After entering their username and password into the phony site, users are shown a message telling them that their appeal has been filed before being redirected to Instagram’s real login page. However, the damage has been done, and with access to the victim’s account, they can use it for monetization or to spread more phishing schemes to the account’s contacts.

Remember – think before you click links you find in any email! It’s always safest to open your browser and type a website address directly into the address bar.

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