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Inactive Account Scams
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Inactive Account Scams

Google recently made an announcement regarding revisions to its policies pertaining to inactive accounts. Commencing from December 2023, accounts that remain dormant for a duration of two or more years will undergo deletion. While the intention behind this policy shift is to bolster security, there exists a potential avenue for cybercriminals to exploit this development for their phishing endeavors.

Anticipate an upsurge in phishing activities centered around Google's updated protocols in the forthcoming months. Cyber malefactors might deploy phishing emails purporting that immediate action is imperative to prevent the deletion of your Google account. There is a likelihood that they will request your Google login credentials. In the event that your login details are acquired by malicious entities, sensitive information could be purloined, or these malefactors might assume your identity to perpetrate scams on others.

To shield yourself from analogous fraudulent schemes, it is advisable to adhere to the following guidelines:

  •  Should you receive an email asserting the impending deletion of your account, contemplate whether the concerned account is actively utilized and take measures to validate the credibility of the   correspondence.
  •  Exercise prudence prior to clicking any links. Cyberattacks are fashioned to catch you unaware and provoke hasty clicking.
  •  Exercise caution before accessing accounts via email links. Opt for the alternative of accessing the official website of the entity in question to initiate a login.
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