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Disney+ Phishing Scam
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Disney+ Phishing Scam

Callback phishing involves a deceptive tactic where phishing emails prompt individuals to call a specified number instead of clicking on a link. These emails typically masquerade as false notifications, urging recipients to rectify an apparent error by placing a call. A recent instance mimicking Disney+, a popular streaming service, exemplifies this strategy.

In this particular scheme, cybercriminals send emails resembling Disney+ invoices, claiming impending charges for a new subscription. Recipients are directed to call a provided number if the subscription is unauthorized. To heighten the urgency, the email displays an amount triple the usual monthly subscription fee. Calling the specified number connects individuals to a fraudster posing as customer support, who requests sensitive information such as payment details and may attempt to gain remote access to devices.

To safeguard against callback phishing:

  • Approach emails with a sense of urgency cautiously, as cybercriminals exploit urgency to prompt impulsive actions.
  • Scrutinize the email’s context, timing, grammar, and specifics. For instance, verify if the invoice mentions accurate credit or debit card information.
  • Refrain from dialing phone numbers provided in emails; instead, visit the official website to obtain verified contact information.
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