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Deb Ballard: Women In Business
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Deb Ballard: Women In Business

Courtesy of & Provided by Cadillac News

In the landscape of finance, Deb Ballard stands at the helm as the Senior Vice President and Branch Administrator of Lake-Osceola State Bank.

With a background steeped in financial education, Deb graduated from the Perry School of Banking. Her journey with Lake-Osceola State Bank commenced two years ago, though her extensive experience spans across several years of service with various other banks.

“I am a lifelong banker working in various banks and departments,” she said. “(...) The accumulation of knowledge and experiences have helped me navigate the ups and downs of the financial industry.”

Throughout her journey, Deb’s greatest mentor has been none other than her own mother. Her influence has been instrumental in shaping Deb’s outlook, values and approach to her professional and personal pursuits.

“She worked to support us but always took the time to give back to her community,” Deb said.

Lake-Osceola State Bank stands as a testament to community-oriented banking, with 11 branches and a twelfth one set to open in Falmouth by early 2024. This local and personalized approach sets the bank apart, prioritizing individual client needs and fostering strong community connections.

With a wealth of experience to share, Deb offers valuable advice to young women looking to start their careers — immerse themselves in a company and learn as much as possible about their organization.

“I would tell young women to learn as many tasks as possible to give you a better understanding of the inner workings of your company and what your employees do,” she said. “This can help you problem-solve for efficiency and customer services.”

As Deb approaches what she refers to as the “sunset of her career,” she envisions a gradual transition into a slower pace in the years ahead. Her short-term goal includes launching the Falmouth branch. On a personal note, Deb intends to continue her philanthropic efforts, particularly with the Wexford-Osceola Habitat for Humanity and the Munson Cadillac Hospital Foundation.

Article courtesy of the September 22nd edition of Cadillac News.

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